The Top Three Reasons Why You Have Got to Learn to Swim Right Now

We’ve got an excellent article for you guys this week: Here are the top three reasons why you have got to learn to swim right now!

Why You Have Got to Learn to Swim Right Now!!!

We all know that swimming is a pretty common and basic skill that people just should know these days, especially in North American or Western European countries. It’s just such a fundamental skill in our societies. In truth, it is a requirement if you don’t want to miss out on certain life experiences. Kids go to the recreation centre to play with their friends. People go out for a weekend at their cabin. People even go to Mexico and get wasted by the side of a pool in their resort.

So why doesn’t everybody know how to swim? It’s because they don’t know the reasons as to why they have to learn to swim right now. If they did, they would agree to change their tone!


Top Reason No. 1 For Learning to Swim: It’s simply not safe to be unable to swim anymore

Gone are the days where you could get away with not knowing this skill. Not knowing at least some basic swimming skills is a big, BIG risk now a days. And this is because as the world becomes increasingly more and more intertwined and as the people become increasingly more and more mobile, we will find ourselves around water with increasing frequency.

The more you are around water, the higher your risk of serious injury or death. That isn’t some garbage I’m pulling out of my ass. It is a statistical fact when I say that the people in most danger around the water are non-swimmers. When you look at drowning stats, it is almost always NON-SWIMMERS who are the victims.

Do you really want to be taking such a large risk in your life anymore? Can you find the time to finally take that swimming class at your local pool? Or is it really important that you see the next episode of Top Gear, rather than doing something ACTUALLY productive in your life for once?


Top Reason No. 2 For Learning to Swim: Being able to keep up with the kids

I am always amazed when I hear about kids who can swim like little fishes, when their parents can barely dip their toes into a pool. Swimming with your kids and teaching THEM the right way to swim around in the pool can be an amazing bonding experience. If you’ve always wanted a great activity for bonding with your kids, swimming is it.

Throwing a ball around to each other. Throwing dive rings to the bottom of the pool so that your child can swim down and pick them up. Having yourselves a little race (be careful when they get older, it might be tough on your pride ;)).

When the day comes for when I finally have children, I want to be there in the pool with them. I want to be that role model for them and be able to watch them grow as a person. I’m going to sing the damn Hokey Pokey for the 100th time and enjoy every second that I spend in the water with them, because I know how important spending time with your kids is.

If not for the quality time you’ll spend together, at least consider learning to swim so that you have the ability to keep them safe in and around a pool while they are growing up. Children should always be supervised in and around the water, because too often, you see kids biting off a bit too much in the water. They like to experiment and do stupid things like dive into the shallow end. Do you think it would be a good idea to know how to swim so that you can be confident one in a emergency situation?


Top Reason No. 3 For Learning to Swim: Personal Growth! I hear it’s satisfying!

If you’ve found yourself here, you must relate with my stuff on some level. Part of the reason you are probably drawn to my stuff is likely because you find the act of improving yourself satisfying. My number one hobby is self improvement. I don’t really have any shame in admitting it. I have gotten more satisfaction from improving myself and achieving my goals than watching 100’s of episodes of TV, travelling to the farthest reaches of the globe, or even dating a 10/10 bombshell of a girlfriend.

And it’s because I made something happen. I knew that the “something” would be challenging, and I made it happen anyway.

Choosing to do the opposite. Putting yourself out there. Deciding that you deserve better in life. Accomplishing the things that you decide are important in this world. Those are the best reasons of all.

If you want to learn how to swim, then you better damn well learn to swim. You owe it to yourself. It will make you into a better person and you will love yourself for it!

Swimming will provide you with a higher level of fitness, confidence around any activities you end up doing in and around the water, and it provides me and millions of other people an incredible, almost meditative level of peace.

So figure out your own damn reasons to learn to swim, remember them, and then get your butt out the door to the pool!

And c’mon, who wouldn’t want to be able to do this?? Jumping off a sail boat in the middle of Croatia is pretty chill, I’m not going to lie!!!

Why you have to learn to swim

Do you have any other great reasons for learning how to swim? Hit me up in the comment section below!

See y’all next week!

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