Top Three Ways to Make Your Child Comfortable in the Water

.How can we make our children comfortable in the water? This is something almost every parent has to deal with when their children are learning to swim. So, here are the top three ways that you can make your child comfortable in the water.


Playing Games:

Somewhere along the way, we adults forgot how to play. We forgot how to play games and overall, we just became less fun. With a new child, sometimes parents get brought back into the fun and games and carefree attitude that their children exude.

And really feeling that fun vibe and rolling with it is what will really help your child to swim if they are feeling kind of terrified and anxious around the water. Turning the Sunday’s you and your kids spend at the pool into little game sessions will go a long way into helping them learn and feel really safe around the water.

So, here are a few games that you can try that will help your kids remain comfortable while you are teaching them to swim. Remember, these will also work if you have to keep tabs on multiple kids:


  1. British Bulldog: In this game, you have to find two walls that are sort of close together and then you can stand in the middle of it. The person who is in the middle yells out to the other person “BRITISH BULLDOG!!!!”. And then the other swimmer(s) have to try and swim to the other side without getting caught by you. And the only way that you cannot tag them is if they are submerged under water.

This game will teach the child how to hold their breath comfortably underwater. This is incredibly effective at doing so because it teaches them how to handle their air and their bodies while under the pressure of being tagged. The breath holding becomes an unconscious decision that they have to make in order to win and beat you.

Education for the terrified!! All under the guise of a fun game that is played between friends!

  1. Marco, POLO!: In this game, one person is the person who is “it” and the other person/ people are running around trying to not get tagged by the person who is it. Whomever is it must keep their eyes shut and try to catch the other players. The person who is it has to find the other players by shouting out “Marco” and listening for the other players response. If the person who is it shouts “Marco” the other players must shout out “Polo”. So by listening, the person who is it can hear where the other players are and then follow them to try and catch them.

This game is great for building comfort because it allows the person who is it to get practice being disorientated in the water. When you are comfortable in the water while being disorientated, you will be even more comfortable while you have your sight available to you again.

Hit me up in the comment section below if you would like some more fun game ideas!

Singing Songs:

Ok, so if you are Mr. Macho Man, this might be a bit of a challenge for you, but hear me out.

First off, I get it. Singing in public can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you aren’t the outgoing type. But from my years of swimming instruction, I honestly believe that song is a very useful tool in helping kids build comfort in the water.

When you sing songs, there is just something special that helps open a kid up towards trying something that they are anxious towards. If you have a stubborn kid who refuses to try anything in the water, surely it must be worth a shot! Trust me, this is a great way to make your child comfortable in the water!

Here are a few songs that you can try and some links you can follow so that you can learn the words to them:

  • The Hokey Pokey:


  • The Little Green Frog Song:


  • The Tiny Turtle Song:


  • Alice the Camel:


Projecting your State:

Have you ever hung out with somebody who is just really happy all the time? Did it bleed over on you and did you find yourself in a better mood in spite of yourself?

That is because humans are like sponges and we will absorb whatever it is that is going on around us. Simple as that. If you hang out with bad influences, there is a good chance that you will absorb some of those behaviors. If people around you are pissed off and complaining all the time, so will you!

So if you come to pool and are just busting with excitement and happiness, you can actually affect your child by saying things like:

“WOW, I cant believe you just jumped in the pool!”

“Way to go bud!!”

“High Five Champ!”

You will notice it. The mood you are in will You can actually change the associations that your child has towards swimming and being the water. How cool is that??? It’s a simple two step process:

  1. Be super happy!
  2. Project it at your child and let it affect them so that they too become super excited!

Hope you guys enjoyed the article this week! Chat to you next week!

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