How to Learn Swimming Without a Trainer

How to Learn Swimming Without a Trainer:

Welcome back team! So, here it is, just what you’ve asked for: How to Learn Swimming Without a Trainer!

The answer to this one is fairly simple, and not nearly as challenging as you might think. If you want to learn swimming without a trainer, you only need to possess a few things.

  1. Motivation
  2. $50 to $100 (WAIT, LET ME EXPLAIN!!!)
  3. A bit of free time

That is it! Simple as that. Anybody that tells you that you need the expensive $75 an hour private swim lessons is lying to you. And this might sound king of damning, because I offer private swimming lessons on the side to help make me an extra few bucks to pay my bills!

But I am telling you, private lessons aren’t required. Once you have the skills down pat, private lessons are AMAZING at revealing the spots where you are weak in your abilities so that you can progress even further and become that stronger version of yourself. But until then, we don’t need that trainer. We are just trying to learn the basics and get ourselves competent and comfortable in the water while still being able to afford our bread and beer.


learn swimming without a trainer

Now, if you want to learn swimming without a trainer, you better damn sure have some motivation to achieve this goal of yours. The problem with generally trying to teach yourself a skill on your own is that you quite often just give up because there is no punishment or real downside to not following through on your goals. Paying for private lessons makes damn sure that you attend the class because hey, you just dropped $70 bucks on them!

So obtaining some motivation is key if you want to learn swimming without a trainer. And to get this motivation, we need to get that huge, big, incredible reason that keeps us going when we are feeling like the progress is slow.

So. What is your reason? Why do you want to learn swimming so bad? Does not knowing swimming hold you back in some area of your life?

When you are at the lake and your kids are in the water having a blast, does that make you feel inferior?

When your buddies launch themselves off a rope swing into the ocean, do you get jealous and want the same experience for yourself?

What are you missing out on? Define it, know it, and remind yourself of it every day. The motivation to achieve it will come!

Money for Admission to a Pool:

learn swimming without a trainer

That’s what that $50 to $100 is for! If you don’t have access to a body of water to swim in for free, you are going to need some bucks to pay for your admissions into the pool. If you put the work in, you’ll be able to swim within about 10-15 visits to the pool! Make sure you push yourself and you’ll have no problem achieving that goal!

This isn’t even a necessary step if you like around a lake or stagnant body of water. You can just head down to the lake and get your practice in!

Caution: Please make sure you don’t go swimming by yourself in an open body of water, especially if the water depth quickly changes from shallow to deep.

Be safe.

Be smart.

Free Time:

learn swimming without a trainer

This one is the hardest part of all. We are all so busy all of the time. When the hell are we going to find time to go to the pool for an hour a week?

This question is a tough one that only you can answer for yourself. If learning to swim is truly something that you need to do, then you owe it to yourself to find the time, even if it means waking up at 5:30 to hit up the pool before you go to work!

Make it a priority to achieve your goals! You owe it to yourself!

And there you have it, the three things that you need to learn swimming without a trainer!

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Hope you guys have a great week!


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