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Struggling Swimmer? Try This!

Welcome back gang for my new article on how a struggling swimmer can learn to swim using this one simple tip. Get a life jacket.

Struggling Swimmer Hack: Swimming with a Floatation Device

This week I’d like to talk about the value of practicing swimming with a life jacket if you are a newbie in the water.

Let me say to begin that I understand your frustration over your lack of progress in the water. I understand the exasperation of spending loads of money on lessons that aren’t yielding the fruits that you’d like.

It’s an all too familiar sight.  Inexperienced swimmer has decided enough is enough and he heads down to the local pool so that he can enroll in some swimming lessons. He pays the $250 for a lesson set or whatever, and he begins to get excited. Then he participates wholeheartedly in the first class and leaves feeling a sense of progress. He did some floating and a bit of gliding in the water after all! Before now he’s never confidently put his face in the water.

But as the next lessons go by, the instructor who probably has had less than a year of experience is running out of ideas to try with the struggling swimmer who has enrolled in their class.

And by the time the lesson set is finished, you feel deflated over your inability to swim a single length of the pool.

And although lessons have their place, it irritates me that instructors don’t do their absolute best to help you progress and improve your technique.

A Possible Solution Arises?

I’d like you to try something the next time you go to the local swimming hole! Grab a life jacket/ PFD/ or an aqua belt and put it on before you hop in and practice your stroke. Really slow things down at first as you get used to the added buoyancy if the floatation device. And then practice at whatever pace you’d like. While wearing the life jacket.


I like to recommend this hack to swimmers that typically struggle with the coordination aspect of their front crawl. I do this because struggling swimmers are usually just having problems sewing their arm, kicking, and body position techniques together. They know the pieces that make good swimming. They just aren’t able to orchestrate it.

So please give this a try. Throw on a life jacket and try swimming in it during a drop in session to the pool. It’ll help you get the hang of arm technique and breathing especially because your body won’t be working so hard to prevent you from sinking. The added buoyancy of the device will have taken away the urgency that is causing you to rush your technique.

After you try this out, hit me up in the comments below and let me know how things worked for you. Hope you all have a great week!

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