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Rant # 2 – Stop Holding Your Breath

Welcome to the new video series… This is video # 2 of the series: Stop Holding Your Breath!

This week, we talk breath control and how vital it is to proper performance in the pool!

Holding your breath will sap your energy from you and make it near impossible to swim more than a few laps in the pool. Having control over your heart rate comes with being in control of your breath…

Being able to swim infinitely isn’t necessarily a function of being very well versed at swimming dozens of laps (though that helps)… Rather it’s a sign that the swimmer has excellent control over his lungs and he/ she will be able to easily relax their heart rate!

Blow those bubbles and you’ll find your lungs have plenty of space to store all of that beautiful new air after every stroke!

I hope you enjoy the video and comment below on what you’d like a rant on next week! Ps, next week the shaky video will be gone because I’m picking up a new camera! Looking forward to it…


Brent Majcher
Swimming Fearless Founder

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