Rant # 3 – Stop Looking Forward

Welcome to the new video series… We explore different topics of swimming improvement in quick one or two minute videos…

This week, we talk body position and why most people are doing it all wrong…

When you look forward in the water, in the direction you’re swimming in, you are unintentionally making things difficult for yourself.

They say that what comes up must come down and there’s nothing different when it comes to swimming. If your chin is up, your feet will go down too. And this will make your kick much less efficient and cause a significant amount of drag.

Becoming an excellent swimmer means that you minimize drag will every little action you take in the water. Simply making a mild change to your body position by looking towards the bottom of the pool will make a world of difference.

Try it out and watch your front crawl transform immediately…

I hope you enjoy the video and comment below on what you’d like a rant on next week!



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