Stop Splashing

Rant # 4 – Stop Splashing So Much

Welcome to back!

Every week, we explore different topics of swimming improvement in quick one or two minute videos…

This week I’d like to talk about one of the number one efficiency killers that you are probably making with your front crawl technique.


This is a huge problem, especially for beginners.

Splashing is a sign that your stroke is not very efficient, because you are constantly producing energy, via kicking, and then throwing it all away in the form of momentum (water splashing everywhere)!

That momentum could be used to produce more forward momentum for yourself, rather than soaking all the pool spectators.

Splashing can also be deceiving because it can make you feel like you are being really efficient and powerful.

But please remember, if you take anything away from this, splashing is not your friend… it’s your enemy.

Focus on being smoother, and wasting less energy in the form of splashing, and I guarantee you’ll see magnitudes of improvement IMMEDIATELY!

I hope you enjoy the video and comment below on what you’d like a rant on next week!


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