Rant # 5 – Keep Your Fingers Tight

We’re back with another swimming rant for you!

Every week, we explore different topics of swimming improvement in quick one or two minute videos…

This week I’d like to talk about one of the number one efficiency killers that you are probably making with your front crawl technique.

Loose Hands…

Many beginners forget to make a proper paddle with their hands and fingers when they initiate a front crawl arm pull.

By spreading your fingers apart, you allow the water to rush past your hand as you pull. By doing so, you drop the relative efficiency of your arm pull.

This is an easy mistake to fix, so no more excuses. Trap the water behind your hand as you pull through the water by tightening up your hands.


Do it NOW!

I hope you enjoy the video and comment below on what you’d like a rant on next week!


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