Rant # 8 – Lay Down Your Head

Hey all!

I shot another quick video rant for you guys this week and I’d like to preface this video with a quick spiel about a big mistake a lot of people make when they swim…

People tend to hold their head up slightly when they do front crawl. 

This mistake is very subtle, and only a few people out there who read this will truly know what I’m talking about.

When most students learned to swim, they were taught that the way to handle their fear in the water was to simply stand up on the bottom of the pool. You always learn to swim in the shallow end so that you can stand up at any point. * Quick disclaimer: Don’t be stupid after reading this and go jump in the deep end so you can learn to swim faster. This is not my point and you have to use your own discretion with any of my advice as per usual.

No, the shallow water training is not the optimal way of learning to swim. The fact that you can stand up means that this will be your way of escaping being really tired. Instead of relaxing into your front glide position as you would properly, you’ll subtly hold your neck and head back so that you’ll be ready to stand up at any point.

That make any sense to you? Maybe not, but that’s ok. Sometimes swimming technique can be hard to describe and that’s why I made a video on this, and before you watch it, I’d like to hammer the end point home to you…

You need to relax your head and let it lie in the water properly.
If you hold you head back while you swim, you’ll find yourself having major problems with buoyancy because your feet will be constantly sinking.

Let your head and neck go limp and see if that helps you out!
Check out my video on this to truly get a sense of what I’m talking about!


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