Bored at the pool

Bored at the pool…?


I know I’ve been very bad at not throwing a bit of advice at you guys weekly like I promised, so I thought I would shoot a quick video clip for you guys to watch this week!

It’s about becoming bored at the pool.

We’ve all been there, and there is a limitless amount of things you can do to try and prevent this.

Sometimes, it’s just the way of the pool life.

Like anything worth practicing, it begins to feel a bit boring after some time.

And one way to keep things fun is to change up your training style with different structures of sets.

Pyramids are my absolute favorite way to do this!

100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m… 400 m, 200 m, 100 m…

Go as high (or as low) as your want!

Check out the video where I throw my two cents at you!

Cheers guys, chat to you next week!

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