Why Bother Learning to Swim?

Hope your guy’s swimming is going well, just wanted to share an article that I read back a few years ago… Hopefully it will keep the motivation going for you!

A couple of years ago, I read an article that the Red Cross released. This article illustrated the results of a survey on over 1000 American adults and the information presented in the article is shocking!

The most damning of all of the survey’s statistics is the alleged only 80% of Americans who claim that they can swim. This means that out of the entire American population, 20% of them cannot swim. Since the American population was 320 million people in a recent government survey in 2017, this statistic from the Red Cross implies that since 20% of the population cannot swim, there is a total of approximately 64 million people who cannot swim should they find themselves in a body of water.

Kind of scary to think about!

The survey then gets really intense, because the 80% of competent swimmers drops to a total of only 54% when the survey screens people for what the Red Cross refers to as their “Basic Water Competency Skills”.

I personally believe that these are an absolute minimum that every human being should know, because real life and death situations require greater fitness than these skills illustrate.

The Red Cross defines a set of 5 skills which they refer to as “Basic Water Competency Skills” and they are the following:

  • Swimming 25 yards across a pool
  • Turning around in a full circle and then returning to find an exit
  • Stepping out into deep water and submerging
  • Floating or treading water for one (1) minute
  • Exiting a pool without the use of a step ladder

And only 54% of Americans surveyed are able to perform them…

Wow, pretty unbelievable.

I’ve talked about setting goals and knowing the WHY behind chasing whatever goals you set for yourself before, but this to me has to be biggest and best reason of all.

Why would you not learn how to swim? Don’t you owe it to your family and more importantly to yourself to learn these skills?

Save up some extra cash so that you can afford those lessons at your local pool or something!

Enroll your kids in the crappy YMCA lessons.

Just take action.

Find someone to help you out or decide that this year you are going to learn swimming so that we can keep you safe in and around the water!

If you want to read more about the survey, check it out in the link below:

http://www.redcross.org/news/press-release/Red-Cross-Launches-Campaign-to-Cut-Drowning-in-Half-in-50-Cities Again, if there’s an aspect of swimming that you’d like me to cover or anything technique related, hit me up in the comment section below!h

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