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This week, I'm doing an honest review of Justin Patrick's online self-study swim program, "7 Day Swim".

I want this to be a resource for anyone considering the program. Who is it for? What can I expect? Is it worth my time and money? Just straight forward answers.


To begin, I'd like to start with an introduction of Justin and what he's about. He has been teaching swimming now for over eleven years. His extremely successful YouTube channel has successfully changed the life of thousands of swimmers since it's inception in 2006.

We were chatting the other day about the biggest issue that many of our students have run into while learning how to swim.

Most swimming teachers are pimply teenagers who work the local YMCA and are just trying to scrape together some extra cash.

They either don't CARE about their students results or they simply don't have the experience to help their clients.
There are so many poor swimming instructors out there that are teaching that truly have NO idea what they are doing. I for one CONSTANTLY get complaints from almost all of my students. Their last teacher just couldn't solve their problems.
What a crock...

When I re-certified my Water Safety Instructor certification with the Red Cross recently, I learned that the Red Cross swim instruction program no longer requires an in depth practice component. Students are now only required to teach ONE full class before they can become registered swimming instructors...

This is absolutely insane. As a result, the quality of instructors has plummeted because people just don't understand the principles of what allows students to improve and become strong in the water.

So if you have had poor results from the standard public swimming lessons route... let me just say I understand...


And with all this said.. I'd like to offer you an alternative...


Learning to swim using the resources you can find online will be CHEAPER and you can do it on your own time... the results are there!

Online self-study works. The biggest thing you need if you want to make it work is a SYSTEM. And that is what the 7 Day Swim program is. A well-put together system that anyone can follow and learn to swim.

If you are eager to finally learn to swim, consider Justin Patrick's 7 Day Swim Program because it is excellent...
The 7 Day Swim program is an online video product geared towards teaching non-swimmers and beginner swimmers. The program contains over two hours of detailed video instruction, a course manual, and various other resources and drills that can be used to assist a student learning to swim.

I've put together a quick overview of what the program contains and what to expect...

This system is a no-fluff, straightforward set of progression steps that you simply follow. And get the result. Solid, swimming skills.
The program is laid out over "7 days" and contains a handful of exercises and drills during each day that you need to practice and apply. Each day, you open up the members area and digest the lesson that you need to practice. Justin demonstrates the skills in an easy to understand way and explains what most people do wrong so that you can avoid making the beginner mistakes.


The introductory lesson. Get acquainted with the pool and get comfortable. This lesson focusses on building true comfort in the water so that you can learn to swim with a good attitude. You also focus on how to get comfortable in basic body positions such as floats.

  • Breathing & Breathing Technique

    How people should breath when they swim and what most people do wrong!

  • Movement

    How to move in the pool and how to stay comfortable. Why most people get this step wrong…

  • Body Postioning

    The basic positioning you need to be comfortable doing in the water and how to practice these steps in a safe way…


Introductory swim lesson # 2. This lesson focusses on building on your momentum from the previous lesson by practicing gliding and what most people do wrong during this stage of swimming. This lesson will be a BIG eye opener for all beginner swimmers, even an intermediate swimmer.

  • Body Positioning & Movement

    How to add momentum to your swimming and why you need to concentrate on staying relaxed…

  • Common Mistakes

    Why most people are doing glides wrong and how to fix them!


How does someone learn how to kick properly? That is the focus of lesson number 3. This one really impressed me because it is like watching one of his YouTube videos on STEROIDS. Justin breaks down the exact way a beginner should learn how to kick. More that that, he talks about how you can undo the garbage technique your previous teachers sold to you.

  • Kicking and How to have a GREAT Kick

    How to do proper front crawl kicking and why the way you’ve been practicing kick all along is WRONG!

  • Kicking for Front Crawl

    How to combine your gliding and kicking together so that you are going to be a really strong swimmer!


The pinnacle piece of any good front crawl: The arms... This is Justin's focus on lesson 4. He dives into how you can learn to do proper front crawl arm circles and how to progress towards techniques such as the S-Pull which is used by Olympic level swimmers and triathletes.

  • Proper Arm Technique and how to get it!

    What the proper and improper ways of doing arm circles for front crawl are…

  • Breathing and how to do it while Swimming

    How to combine your arm circles and breathing technique together for a excellent front crawl!


Putting it all together is what you'll be doing on day 5. Put the body positioning, legs, arms, and breathing all together and begin to practice excellent front crawl. If the other lessons were practiced well, then it's at this lesson where you should be able to finally swim. What do you know... 7 day swim is actually 5 day swim 😉

  • Putting it ALL together!

    Start doing front crawl and finally swim your first lengths!

  • Progressions

    How to swim one lap, then two laps, then three laps, until you can swim a hundred laps!


Learning a rest stroke for when you swim a really far distance is key to being a swimmer that is safe in the water. In lesson 6, you will learn the pieces to breaststroke so that you are a safe swimmer in and around the water.

  • Breaststroke How To!

    Learn how to swim breaststroke and why it can be so helpful for your front crawl technique…

  • Arms, Legs, & Breathing

    How to do Breaststroke well! Arm, leg, and breathing technique!


Finally ramp it up... become an awesome swimmer by applying Justin's secret advanced techniques to improve your swimming beyond what all but the most experienced teachers of swimming can show you. This is your final lesson, dive into the advanced skills and become unstoppable in the water!

  • Advanced Techniques

    How the higher level swimmers train and how to apply their drills during your own workouts…

  • Dolphin Kick, Sculling, and More

    The final touches to make yourself into a world-class swimmer!

Additionally, with the purchase of the program, you'll get seven bonus lessons to give yourself more skills, such as treading water!

There is also a Facebook group everyone is invited to upon purchase of the program. Justin checks in regularly to help answer any personal questions you have related towards learning to swim. From my own involvement in the group, he has about a 95% response rate.

The actual course material is very clear and concise. And more than that, it gives you easy to apply steps and drills that you can go to the pool with and practice.

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I recommend a particular method of training. Progression style learning. And that is the same method that this program utilizes...

Proper swimming instruction is hard to come by these days and it is nice to see an excellent swimming lesson program on the market that won't overwhelm as student by giving them too much to practice at once.

One thing I did not like about the program is how it sets up students expectations. It is UNREALISTIC to expect that you will be swimming flawlessly after one week of swimming. Swimming takes time, and you need to regularly apply the principles Justin teaches thoroughly before moving to the next lesson.

If you don't apply what he preaches, sorry you won't see any results.

Spend some time on each lesson. Maybe do each lesson twice before you move onto the next "Day". And I would be shocked if you aren't seeing the results Justin promises with the program.

TRY IT OUT, 9 out of 10 is my review

I think you will be hard pressed to find a better swim instruction program online for the price. Justin asks for a little more than the price of a regular private swimming lesson ($77 USD).

If you'd like to check out his sales page, check out the link I've provided below. Cheers gang, and let me know if you have any questions...

If you want to check out more of his material, here is one of my favourite videos from his YouTube channel.