Welcome to Swimming Fearless

My name is Brent and I run the blog you've happened to find yourself on at the moment.

And you might be wondering why this blog is ANY different from the last website you landed on.

I'll tell you why, but first, I want to tell you a bit about myself

Over the last eight years, I have been teaching swimming to clients, friends, family, you name it.

And I've been successful at it. Very successful actually.

It's partly because of my competitive swim background.

For the last three years of my competitive career, I was winning races at our City Finals every year.

And it's terrible when injuries appear that tear you away from what you really like to do... because I had to stop swimming competitively when I tore parts of my rotator cuff during practice one day.

With those injuries, I learned how to not only compete at a high level, but also how to take recovery in to consideration so that you don't injure yourself from overuse.

But why I became really successful was from my ability to problem solve.

You see, the advice that works for one individual, won't always work for everyone.

When I couldn't fix a certain aspect to someone's stroke conventionally... I persevered and tried different techniques.

I became PATIENT. And I learned what truly allows people to understand and learn can never be standardized.

All my life, I've loved swimming, the water, the ocean. Everything to do with water.

It is my Passion!

So while all the other swimming blogs spew generic advice that is copy and paste from all the swimming magazines and fitness websites, I'm here answering what YOU guys need...

You are my community, my friends, my tribe. And I want nothing more than to help everyone I meet enjoy the water as much as I have. And as much as I do.

So dive in, read my articles. Watch my videos. Even invest in my products if you are ready to make that kind of purchase. But know this.

Whether you are a brand new subscriber, I'm here to help you. So hit me up with comments or questions any time and let's build those fantastic swimming skills you've wanted your whole life!


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