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  1. Swimming is a hazardous activity for people just starting to learn. Swimming should be practiced in a controlled environment with a lifeguard present and in a pool setting where the bottom of the pool can be easily stood up on when you begin to become fatigued or scared.
  2. Please consult a doctor if you believe you have any present medical condition that may affect your ability to practice the skills suggested on this site. Conditions may include: Arthritis, asthma, physical or mental illness or other illnesses that may affect your ability to swim correctly.
  3. This website and it’s resources are not a substitute for professional swim instruction. The choice to rely on this website’s advice alone should be done so at your own risk.
  4. Do not attempt any of the exercises or techniques found if you do not understand them. Please consult additional advice from Swimming Fearless or other swimming professionals.
  5. Water levels higher than shoulder height immediately require the use of a PFD (personal flotation device) or a “Life-Preserver” to prevent incidence of drowning or other life-threatening injuries around the water.
  6. Consider utilizing the help of a friend or another strong swimmer to watch over you while you practice the skills suggested on this website.
  7. Swimming Fearless and all of it’s employees are exempt from any injuries or loss of life sustained by you or anyone using the advice provided by Swimming Fearless and it’s employees. You and anyone related using the advice or techniques provided do so at their own risk.