Interested in private advice from the best...?


We Pursue Excellence

If you are finding a huge lack in progress with traditional swim instruction and or other online teaching methods, consider a high level session with me where we can disect what's truly holding you back in the water TOGETHER!

If you aren't completely, 100% satisfied, then we will figure out a way to make it right...

Online Skype Consulting ($80/hr)

If you are interested, I will engage with you online during an intense hour long session of learning, breakdowns of your stroke, focus points, and custom workouts. If you are interested, please contact me with the form below. There will be one preparatory email before the lesson.

Local (Edmonton) Private Swim Lessons ($TBD)

If you are interested, I will teach you private swimming lessons. You will have full access to me in the water, with my over eight years of knowledge and a lifetime of aquatic experience. Please contact if you are interested. Pricing varies as local lane rental prices fluctuate. Pricing is around $100 a lesson.

Custom Swimming Lesson Packages ($TBD)

If you live in a city other than Edmonton and you want me to do swimming instruction for you, contact me. If you want a custom swimming workout, contact me. If you have some crazy custom request that is swimming related, contact me. Nothing is out of bounds!